domingo, 6 de fevereiro de 2011

Puccini, Giacomo - Il Trittico (V)


Il Tabarro

Maria Guleghina (Giorgetta)
Salvatore Licitra (Luigi)
Juan Pons (Michele)


Suor Angelica

Barbara Frittoli (Sister Angelica)
Heidi Grant-Murphy (Sister Genovieffa)
Stephanie Blythe (La Principessa)

Gianni Schicchi

Alessandro Corbelli (Gianni Schicchi)
Olga Mykytenko (Lauretta)
Massimo Giordano (Rinuccio)

Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra
James Levine, 2007


7 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

oh, thanks !!!
it's been a while since I looked for this video ! But the problem is that Suor Angelica's links are the same as Tabarro's... What can we do about this ???
thank you !

Anônimo disse...

Tengo un problema, al descargar SUOR me vuelve a salir ILTABARRO.
Muchas gracias por operas antiguas en video. Qué maravilla.

Anônimo disse...

Thank you very much for changing the links !!! =)

Andrius disse...

Downloaded and watched this "Trittico" with big enjoyment, I like this triptych. As I have three "Tritticos" dvd's and one separate "Gianni Schicchi" dvd, no one of them is worse than other, all are very good (even 1983 Trittico from La Scala, though it's video quality is weak). And one new "Trittico" dvd (from 1981) is in new James Levine's anniversary box. But why this production isn't released on dvd? It would be pleasant to have it in collection.

. disse...

But why this production isn't released on dvd?

I dont know.

Andrius disse...

Maybe for that that both Corbelli and Giordano are in one earlier "Gianni Schicchi" recording (2004), and Juan Pons - in other (1983). But this could be released too, it's deserving of that.

Andrius disse...

I correct - Juan Pons is Gianni Scicchi in 1983 production video and Michele in 2008 production, both from La Scala, and I found his Michele in Metropolitan performance much better.