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Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai - Le Conte du Tsar Saltan


Tsar Saltan - Ivan Petrov
Tsaritsa Militrisa - Evgenia Smolenskaia
Tkachikha - Evgeniya Shumilova
Povarikha - Larissa Nikitina
Old Matchmaker Barbarikha - Evgenia Verbitskaia
Prince Guidon - Vladimir Ivanovski
The Swan Princess - Galina Oleinichenko
An Old Man - P. Chekine
Messenger - Andrei Ivanov
Court Jester - Mark Reshetin

Choeurs et Orchestre du Théâtre Bolshoi
Vassili Nelbossine, 1955

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robin disse...

Hello STOM:

jUST A POINT OF INFORMATION: YOU GIVE 1955 AS the date of this recording.

But -

This website states in the last paragraph or so that it was recoprded in 1953.
All the details are the same; just a difference of date.
I give you the advantage; you are far mor knowledgeable in these things than I am.

Do you have any thoughts about this difference?

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

When you decide to write normally, without shouting or speaking in capital letters, I promise to answer.

Junfly disse...

Es lamentable la grosería con la que algunas personas se dirigen a vosotros.
¿Es que nadie les ha enseñado educación?
(con mayúsculas

. disse...