domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

Verdi, Giuseppe - La Traviata (V)


Teresa Stratas - Violetta Valéry
Plácido Domingo - Alfredo Germont
Cornell MacNeil - Giorgio Germont
Allan Monk - Barone Douphol
Axelle Gall - Flora

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
James Levine, 1982

Film director:
Franco Zeffirelli

Coloque os segmentos 001, 002, 003 numa pasta e junte-os usando o programa 7Zip -
se você o tiver - ou use o Hsplit que vai junto com o libretto.
Clique em "join", aponte para 'PART A ......001' e escolha a pasta para onde irá o arquivo
resultante. Faça o mesmo com a 'PART B.......001'.
Ao final restarão dois arquivos de vídeo em formato avi (dviX).

Put 001, 002, 003 segments in a folder and join parts using Hsplit (no install needed).
Do the same with 'PART B.....001'.
At the end will get two files in avi (divX) format

PART A - - 001 - - - 002 - - - 003

PART B - - 001 - - - 002 - - - 003

Libretto - Hsplit


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Anônimo disse...

Thank you so much for that reply to the comment I wrote for the Dona Francisquita you uploaded for the second time. I found that overtly uplifting.

Here's something I've found online. Hope it might be of interest to you.

However, please do keep up the good work in the extensive zarzuela collection you've been maintaining on the blog. Can't wait for more new ones to come!!!! Thanks so much for uploading them. Am really sincerely and deeply appreciative of it. Here's my input to your magnificent and wonderful blog. Hope this small drop might add something to the ocean of CDs you offer.


robin disse...

Hola STOM, mis amogos:

I had this Zeffirelli film on old Betamax when the film first came out in 1989. It was also in stereo but VCR was not yet, as I recall. Alas! when my Betamax machine wore out, it was Kaput! Betamx was gone like old 45's.
So thanks once again for posts like this!

Bob from Georgia USA

robin disse...

Hello again, STOM:

This Zeffirelli film from 1982 (I was mitaken about 1989 in the previous email) is even better than I remembered.
The sound was fantastic, and all voices were fresh and extremely enjoyable.

Thanks a million once again.

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

I know, but in the next Sunday we will have more Plácido Domingo in a wonderful Rigoletto's 2010 production transmitted on last 10 September. Zubin Mehta conducts.