sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

Bellini, Vincenzo - I Puritani


Maria Callas - Elvira
Giuseppe di Stefano - Arturo
Rolando Panerai - Riccardo
Nicola Rossi-Lemeni - Giorgio
Angelo Mercuriali - Bruno
Carlo Forti - Gualtiero Valdon
Aurora Cattelani - Enrichetta

Coro del Teatro alla Scala, Milano
Mestro Vittore Veneziani
Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala, Milano
Tullio Serafin, 1953

CD1 ...... CD2-A ......CD2-B

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Chiaroscuro disse...

Thank you so much for this beautiful jewel!!

D'Icaza disse...

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Alê disse...

In addition to the four versions that are here on the blog - and one that is not posted yet, with Pavarotti, Freni, Caballé, Fabritiis - yes, we have this release with Christoff/Gui, but not posted yet because this one does not have (originally, not our fault)
the IV act, but we will post later both, Christoff/Gui and Pavarotti/Frabritiis versions. Thanks