sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009

Wagner, Richard - Tristan und Isolde


Waltraud Meier (Soprano - Isolde)
Siegfried Jerusalem (Tenor - Tristan)
Matti Salminen (Bass - King Marke)
Falk Struckmann (Baritone - Kurwenal)
Johan Botha (Tenor - Melot)
Marjana Lipovsek (Mezzo Soprano - Brangäne)
Peter Maus (Tenor - Shepherd)
Roman Trekel (Baritone - Helmsman)
Uwe Heilmann (Tenor - Sailor)

Berliner Philharmoniker
Berlin State Opera Chorus
Daniel Barenboim

CD1 -- - CD2 -- - CD3 -- - CD4

CD4 - Track 01 (Vorspiel)

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Gonzalo Tello disse...

U forgot to add Siegfried Jerusalem as Tristan...;-)

Thx fro this!!

. disse...

Yes! He arrived late for the performance and will be fired after the show!!!

Irineu disse...

I think in CD 3. betweem Rette dich, Tristan, and O König, das kann ich dir nicht sagen, one track is missing: Tatest du's wirklich, sung by Matti Salminen (König Marke).

. disse...

Well! I think you are doubly wrong. First, because the aria "Tatest du's wirklich?" comes after "Rette dich, Tristan!", i.e, the two arias are together on track 09 of the CD3. Second, because our division of the tracks is exactly as you see here: # disc_1

Irineu disse...

Well, I am more than happy to be wrong and agree with you. Let's enjoy this Tristan, then!

. disse...

I found a failure, but in the prelude (vorspiel) of the third act. Small cuts or a few seconds were lost. We try to fix this and, if we can, we will upload track 01(CD4) separate. Thanks


Magnifica. Simplismente magnifica.A maior criação de Wagner que conheço, sem sombra de duvida. Belo blog e grandes postagem, parabens.

. disse...

De pleno acordo, e ainda temos a versão de Georg Solti, com a Birgit Nilsson, Fritz Uhl, Regina Resnik, Tom Krause, para postar mais adiante... Aguarde!