segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

Massenet, Jules - Griselidis


Griselidis - Michèle Command
Fiamina - Claire Larcher
Bertrade - Brigitte Desnoues
Le Diable - Jean-Philippe Courtis
Alain - Jean Luc Viala
Le Marquis - Didier Henry
Le Prieur - Christian Tréguier
Gondebaud - Maurice Sieyes

Orchestre Symphonique Franz Liszt, Budapest
Choeurs de Lyon
Patrick Fournillier

CD1 - - - CD2

CD1 - Track 20

5 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Thanks for this rarity ! I am becoming more and more fan of Massenet.

Anônimo disse...

Hello, it would seem that track 20 is missing from CD 1...

Thank you for all you're doing!!

. disse...

You're right. Missing 20 - "Pour le faix lourd des armes", we could not rip this track because of a defect on the surface of the CD. Thanks

Anônimo disse...

That's all right! Actually, I have managed to find the missing track somewhere else and I uploaded on megaupload in case you are interested:


. disse...

Great! Many, many thanks! We will convert m4a in mp3/192kbps and add the link to the track 20 in few minutes.