domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2010

Gluck, Christoph Willibald von - Orfeo ed Euridice


Orfeo - Giulietta Simionato
Euridice - Sena Jurinac
Amore - Graziella Sciutti

Wiener Philharmoniker
Chor der Wiener Staatsoper
Herbert Von Karajan, 1959

- - - - CD2

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Lorenzo disse...

I do not think I've ever thanked you for all the wonderful music you've made available to us. I especially appreciate the multiple recordings of each opera.
Thank you ever so much!
Lorenzo in Berkeley, CA

Lorenzo disse...

Wait a minute! I also didn't mention how much I appreciate having the mp3 tags already set with the names of the artists, composers and genres. A lot of work went into this I know.

Herman disse...

Thanks Lorenzo! The latest version of Orfeo and Euridice, with Furtwangler in 1954, is scheduled for 11:30 pm, today. Cheers.

Herman disse...

You said that like the series of the same opera. Well! This was exactly the target of persecution of Rapidshare. They blocked and delete hundreds of links to collections we host of La Traviata, La Bohème, Tosca, Turandot, ecc. In short, it is very discouraging to us, and what was done with pleasure now begins to weigh as if it were a work ... a lost work...

Berni (Austria) disse...

don't worry to much, plz! people from Rapidshare are greedy & stupid - they do not care.
music is only money for them; they don't listen to it, they want to change it into money and then they swallow it.... poor bastards, I pity them!

all the best and many thanks for everything
Berni (Austria)