quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Mercadante, Saverio - Zaira


Orosmane - Alastair Miles
Zaira - Majella Cullagh
Nerestano - Bruce Ford
Lusignano - Garry Magee
Corasmino - Colin Lee
Fatima - Claire Wild
Geoffrey Mitchell Choir

Philharmonia Orchestra
David Parry

CD[a] - - - CD[b]

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Alex disse...

Dear sir,

I think that your blogg and work is completly great¡¡¡¡ Every morning I look for the new items you put.
But I have some problems with some of them. For exemple I don't know how I can't take this one. It's said it's not longer publicaly. What shall I do?


. disse...

Adrive has made "private" several links on this blog that where "public". But do not delete the files. So, when you encounter this message just telling us, advise us that reactivated the link. Thank you