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Britten, Benjamin - Death in Venice


Gustav von Aschenbach - Philip Langridge
The Traveller - Alan Opie
The Elderly Fop - Alan Opie
The Old Gondolier - Alan Opie
The Hotel Manager - Alan Opie
The Hotel Barber - Alan Opie
The Leader of the Players - Alan Opie
The Voice of Dionysius - Alan Opie
The Voice of Apolle - Michael Chance

BBC Singers
City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox, 2005

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Berni (Austria) disse...

just want to tell You that an CD2 (2a resp. 2b) You will find 2 tracks with the number 10 ! one of the is the number 20 which seems to be absent! so first number 10 (Act 2 Do I Detect A Scent) is quite correct, BUT second number 10(Act 2 Receive The Stranger God...No! Reject The Abyss)is number 20 !!!
Besides it is a wonderful production, thank You so much!

. disse...


You're right. Thanks for letting us know. The track (10. Act 2 Receive The Stranger God. .. No! The Reject Abyss.mp3) is actually the number of 20 as listed below:

COMPACT DISC TWO (1h 15' 46'')

Scene 13. The dream
20-Voice of Dionysus: 'Receive the stranger god'

Scene 14. The empty beach

Aschenbach slowly moves to his chair on the beach. . . -
21-Aschenbach: 'Do what you will with me!'

Scene 15. The Hotel Barber's shop (ii)

22-Hotel Barber: 'Yes! a very wise decision, if I may say so'

Scene 16. The last visit to Venice

Aschenbach, with his new appearance, is seen getting gaily into a gondola -
23-Aschenbach: 'Hurrah for the Piazza'
24-Aschenbach: 'Does beauty lead to wisdom, Phaedrus?'

Scene 17. The departure

25-Hotel Manager: 'The wind still blows from the land'
(The Hotel Manager watches Aschenbach go out to the deserted beach. . .) -
26-Aschenbach: 'Ah, no!'

Philip Langridge Tenor - Gustav von Aschenbach
Alan Opie baritone - The Traveller, The Elderly Fop, The Old Gondolier, The Hotel Manager, The Hotel Barber, The Leader of the Players, The Voice of Dionysus
Michael Chance counter-tenor - The Voice of Apollo

BBC Singers
City of London Sinfonia & Richard Hickox

Total Time: 2h 31' 26''


City of London Sinfonia
Richard Hickox (Conductor)

Lorenzo disse...

I'd like to let you know that CD1b does not appear to be available at meguupload. And thanks for all this wonderful music.

. disse...

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