sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

Donizetti, Gaetano - Anna Bolena


Beverly Sills - Anna Bolena
Shirley Verrett - Giovanna Seymour
Patricia Kern - Smeton
Robert Lloyd - Lord Rocheford
Paul Plishka - Enrico VIII
Robert Tear - Sir Hervey

London Symphony Orchestra
Julius Rudel


CD1 --- CD2 --- CD3

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archer disse...

this is fantastic!

both of these women sound wonderful, but one of them has a remarkably rich and full tonal quality that is present throughout her range. it doesn't narrow on the high end.

to make it simple, could you tell me who is singing on cut number 3?

i really wish i spoke portugese.

much gratitude for this great recording.

. disse...

Sorry, but I do not know what do you mean with "cut number 3." In any case, if you want to know in which track each of them (Sill, soprano, Verrett and Kern mezzo-sopranos)are singing, at the Amazon.com web site you can find this information, track by track:


archer disse...

thank you very much.

by "cut number 3" i meant track number 3, and i now know that it is shirley verrett. wonderful voice.

Chiaroscuro disse...

Thank you so much!!! I've been dying to hear this, your blog is always amazing! I'm completely addicted. Anyways, though I admire Sills, her voice wasn't suited for an assoluta role like Anna Bolena (or Elisabetta in Roberto Devereux, or Norma), she lacked the powerful low register needed for it (Joan Sutherland lacked it as well), the best version is said to be Callas' since she handles both the high coloratura and the low declamation well, please post it if you can find it!!

Chiaroscuro disse...

Sills is fantastic in this role!!