sábado, 15 de maio de 2010

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Così fan tutte


Fiordiligi - Pilar Lorengar
Dorabella - Teresa Berganza
Guglielmo - Tom Krause
Ferrando - Ryland Davies
Despina - Jane Berbié

Don Alfonso - Gabriel Bacquier

The London Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus
Georg Solti, 1974

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robin disse...

Hello Herman,
I kmow this an odd place to ask this question, but I could find no other message link.

Do you by any chance have the 1954 EMI Furtwangler Don Giovanni?

I know there is a link to it on Opermusik, but I cannot get it to work.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information you may be able to give.
Bob from Georgia USA

robin disse...

please forgive my just previous note. I'm sorry to bother you with the Q about Don Giovanni. I got it to work.

Did I say that correctly?

Bob from Georgia USA

Frantz63 disse...

many thanks for this wonderful "Così".. but track 2 of cd2 lacks...

Alê disse...

I'm not able to determine the download you made and possible errors ... Be more specific. What's wrong with the track 2 from cd 2? Have you tried a new download?

Alê disse...

We have Don giovanni's 50 and 54 directed by W. Furtwängler, but is not in our plans post it soon, because we posted "only" 20 different versions of this opera recently, and maybe you will like some of them:


Alê disse...

Well! I belive you solve the problem...

16 may 10, 11:43
Opermusik: Well I'm glad you enjoy the music. Greetings.
16 may 10, 07:30
Robin: Oh my soul, Opermusik; I'm soooo stupid. I failed to capitalize the O in Opermusik. I just redid it, and the rcording plays beautifully, forgive me for spaking my frustration,. It was all my fault.
15 may 10, 10:14
Opermusik: Robin the program used to compress and decompress Don Giovanni, is only Winrar, not to do more to help.
15 may 10, 10:05
Robin: Dear Opermusik the only decompactor that will open anything is 7zip, and every file says error in encrpted file. Che pasa? yo no se.
15 may 10, 06:29
Robin: Bob from Georgia USA

Frantz63 disse...

cd2 should have 16 tracks, not 15 as here, in your sharing is missing track 2 ("Alla bella Despinetta"), and some of following tracks are in wrong order. Sorry for my bad english, i hope to have explained. Many thanks!

Herman disse...


Now I understand!
I fixed the CD2 and I'm doing a new upload. Thank you for notifying us

robin disse...

Several of those recordings of Don Giovanni you uploaded I already own, and about four of yours I've thoroughly enjoyed as well. Thank you so much. I just wanted the 54 Furtwangler DG because the major consensus of the reviewers is that it is especially good, and for the 1950's as well.
Ever grateful for you monumental work!

Bob from Georgia USA