quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

Ernest Chausson - Le Roi Arthus


Guenièvre - Teresa Zylis-Gara
Arthus - Gino Quilico
Lancelot - Gösta Winbergh
Mordred - René Massis
Lyonnel - Gérard Friedmann
Allan - François Loup
Merlin - Gilles Cachemaille

Choeurs de Radio France
Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique
Armin Jordan

CD1 - - - CD2 - - - CD3

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Carlos disse...

I really should come and comment more often about all the amazing discs you feature. The growth in my knowledge and enjoyment of music of all periods has been amazing as a result of your blog.

But being human I comment first when things (possibly) go wrong. I was SO excited to see this opera on the blog. It has always fascinated me musically. Unfortunately, something seems to have gone wrong with the comression to .rar files. The final CD (CD3) has only one file in it that can be extracted, despite the fact that it is a large file (Act III no 1, prelude). The other CD have only five or six files - no more than 40 mins of music. All this means that a lot of music is missing. I have downloaded the files several times, but the problem is the same each time. Are you aware of this and is there something I should do to access the whole opera?

Carlos, UK

. disse...

Do you read the Notice to the left side, in blue letters?!?
Have you tried using the Winrar tool repair as said there???

Carlos disse...

Please accept my apologies. I will follow your directions which I did not understand until you pointed it out! Many many thanks!

. disse...

Ok! But if does not work, please let us know. Thanks

CBCD disse...

Thank you very much!