terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010

Gluck, Christoph Willibald - Il Parnaso Confuso


Dan Shen
Desiree Restivo
Ilaria Torciani
Magdalena Aparta

Gruppo Barocco Musincanto - Adriano Bassi


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Berni (Austria) disse...


what a pity: "Il parnasso Confuso" by Gluck cannot be downloaded...
it says:

"The file link that you requested is not valid..... "

maybe there is another link anywhere ?

friendly greetings
Berni (Graz, Austria)

by the way - the download "erwartung" (schönberg) suddenly worked.... hmmmm ?! :-) :-) :-)

Berni (Austria) disse...

hi, this file is maybe "bewitched".... - all you get is this sentence:

This file is no longer available because of a claim by 4shared Support Team.

hmmmm.....LoL !??????

by the way: do You, please, see a possibility to find verdi's "stiffelio" with Carreras & Sass ???? I didn't find it anywhere.
many thankful greetings
Berni (Austria)

. disse...

Well! This is incredible because the file is now in Megaupload, not on 4shared, and just over 12 hours were made 68 downloads!

Stiffelio with Carreras, Sass, Manuguerra...Yes, we have this work, but it's not ready yet and I will put this file in the queue to be posted from here one week more or less. Thanxs

Berni (Austria) disse...

thx for this immediate answer...!
when I saw in comments Your corrected link of 2008 I maybe just took this... and it didn't work - presumably my fault.
now I took the MU-link and all is okay!
thank You so much for this AND for the outlook to "Stiffelio". please, take Your time - I can wait!
Thx again
Berni (Austria)