sábado, 5 de setembro de 2009

Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich - Eugene Onegin


Larina - Valentina Petrova
Evgeni Oneguin - Evgeni Belov
Tatyana - Galina Vishnevskaya
Príncipe Gremin - Ivan Petrov
Vladimir Lenski - Sergei Lemeshev
Olga - Larisa Avdeyeva
Filipyevna - Evgenia Verbitskaia
Larina - Valentina Petrova
Triquet - Andrei Sokolov
Zaretski - Igor Mikhailov

Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra of
The Bolshoi Theatre
Boris Khalkin, 1956

CD1 - - - - CD2

3 comentários:

hypersausage disse...

Got an error message when I unrared the file
CD2/04. Act 2. Scene 1. Final Scene.mp3 - CRC failed
Can you load the track again?

. disse...

Do you read the Notice about CRC error just here in the first page? Do you tried to do what is written there?

hypersausage disse...

i am using a macbook pro so winrar is not compatible with my computer.
i have used unrarx and rar expander. unrarx was able to open all files except track 4 of cd2.