quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2008

Prokofiev, Sergei - March in B flat major, Peter and the wolf, Overture on Hebrew Themes & Classical Symphony, Op. 25


01 March in B flat major, Op 99

02 "Let me tell you a story"
03 "Early one morning Peter opened the gate…"
04 "On a branch of a big tree sat a little bird…"
05 "Just then a duck came waddling round."
06 "Suddenly something caught Peter's attention: he noticed a cat
07 "Gradfather came out."
08 "No sooner had Peter gone, than a big grey wolf came…"
09 "Peter, in the meantime, stood behind the closed gate…"
10 "Meanwhile, Peter made a lasso with his rope…"
11 "Just then…out of the woods came the hunters."

12 Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op 34b

13 Classical Symphony, Op 25: I. Allegro
14 Classical Symphony, Op 25: II. Larghetto
15 Classical Symphony, Op 25: III. Gavotta: Non troppo allegro
16 Classical Symphony, Op 25: IV. Finale: Molto vivace


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