quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Leoncavallo, Ruggero - Chatterton (1908)


Thomas Chatterton - Francisco Granados
Thomas chatterton - Francesco Signorini
John Clark - Francesco Frederici
Jenny Clark - Ines de Frate
Piccolo Henry - Annita Santoro
Giorgio - Giuseppe Quinzi-Tapergi
Lord Klifford - Francesco Cigada
Skirner - Gaetano Pini-Corsi

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro alla Scala di Milano
Ruggero Leoncavallo, 1908

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robin disse...

Dear STOM:
Two things: your blog is like an artesian well overflowing with water; there seems to be no end to your research of operas. For that I am very grateful; THANK YOU!

No. 2: the second link of Chatterton does not seem to work: I've tried it four times and a window opens to tell me the source ceased the download. Do you have any suggestions?

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

Sorry Robin, but I downloaded the 2 cds normally.
I found no problems with links or with files contents
More...In five hours people made 42 (each cd) downloads and as you can see there is no complaints
I think you found a transient problem on Megaupload.
Tray again, please.

robin disse...

Hola STOM:

I tried 2 more times and it did not work on Link 2; however I copied the problematic window and semt it to MegaUpload. They never responded to me directly, but I tried it again later and it downoaded in record speed.Bravo Megaupload.

Bob from Georgia USA