quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Verdi, Giuseppe - Don Carlo


Philippe II - Nicolai Ghiaurov
Don Carlos - Carlo Bergonzi
Rodrigue - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
El Gran Inquisidor - Martti Talvela
Monje - Tugomir Franc
Elisabeth de Valois - Renata Tebaldi
Princesa de Éboli - Grace Bumbry
Thibault - Jeannette Sinclair
Una voz celestial - Joan Carlyle
Conde de Lerma - Kenneth MacDonald
Heraldo Real - John Wakefield

Royal Opera House Chorus and Orchestra
Covent Garden
Georg Solti, 1965

1 - - - - - 2 - - - - - 3

Outras versões...

[1958] Siepi, Jurinac, Simionato, Fernandi - Karajan

[1961] Stella, Labò, Cossotto - Santini

[1967] Jones, Craig, Cossotto - Fabritiis

[1970] Caballé, Domingo, Verrett - Giulini

[1973] Rouleau, Turp, Tremblay - Matheson (french version)

[1978] Carreras, Freni, Baltsa - Karajan


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robin disse...

Dear STOM:
I need a little advice.
When I use RAR to decompress this 1970 EMI Don Carlo, it wont open 7 or 8 files because they are more than 250 characters in length.
Q: how do I retrive these missing links that will not open?

Bob from Georgia USA

robin disse...

Dear STOM:
I found a way to get Disc 1 de-compressed, but discovered that a couble of files had 1 to 3 other tracks piggy-backed on to the previous track.
And disc 2 had even more than disc 1.

Che pasa, amigos mio?
What's next?

Bob from Georgia, USA

. disse...

You are in the rigth way. The problem is that the file names too long.

I know two ways to solve this:
1. Put the downloaded files into a pendrive and try decompress the rar files in this conditions.
2. Rename the zip file, using just one character, like 1.rar, b.rar, x.rar and thus try to decompress now.

This recording Caballé, Verrett, Domingo, Milnes is my Don Carlo favorite, but unfortunately the original recording was divided into several tracks without necessity.

Tell me after then whatever has been the result.


robin disse...

Hola, Sr. STOM:



Bob from Georgia USA

monchovalle disse...

A Drive cambió este archivo de público a privado. ¿Tendrán ustede posibilidad de habilitar otro enlace?Se lo agradecería mucho.