segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2009

Boito, Arrigo - Nerone


Nerone - János B. Nagy
Simon Mago - Jozsef Dene
Fanuel - Lajos Miller
Asteria - Ilona Tokody
Rubria - Lívia Ághová
Tigellino - József Gregor
Gobrias - Péter Korcsmáros
Dositeo - Pál Kovács
Perside - Mária Takács
Cerinto - Tamara Takács

Hungarian State Opera Orchestra
Eve Queler

CD1 - - - CD2 - - - CD3

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geoffers disse...

Now this is very different from the usual sort of recording of anytrhing from Mascagni. The cast may be unknown (apart from the above average Janos B.Nagy) but this is well worth adding to anyone's collection.