quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Federico Chueca: La Alegria de la Huerta - Fernández Caballero - El Cabo Primero


La Alegria de la Huerta
Toñy Rosado
Carlos Munguia
Teresa Berganza
Arturo Diaz Martos
Manuel Ortega

El Cabo Primero
Gerardo Monreal
Toñy Rosado
Gregorio Gil
Ana Maria Fernandez
Carlos S. Luque

Coro Cantores de Madrid
Orquesta Sinfónica
Diretor: Ataulfo Argenta


3 comentários:

Gonzalo disse...

Thank you so much for these wonderful zarzuelas!

robin disse...

It's me one more time.
We see so few Zarzuelas recordings in the USA; essentially only what Placido Domingo has recorded or made known by advertizing. I think I had only one with Alfredo Kraus, and another with Berganza.

But YOU GUYS - WOW, I thank you for a much wider introduction to a grand and exciting music.
"Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks."

Bob from Georgia USA

Alê disse...

Thank you. And we still have some more zarzuelas to be posted. Stay tuned (rs)