terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

Wagner, Richard - Tannhäuser


Landgraf - Gottlob Frick
Tannhäuser - Rudolf Lustig
Wolfram - Marcel Cordes
Walter - Karl Terkal
Biterolf - Philip Curzon
Heinrich - Karl Gustav Jehrlander
Reinmar - Ljubomir Pantscheff
Elisabeth - Leonie Rysanek
Venus - Birgit Nilsson
Hirt - Patricia Brinton

Orchestra e Coro del Teatro San Carlo, Napoli
Karl Böhm, 1956

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Alvaro disse...

Infelizmente os links foram apagados pelo Rapidshare. Seria possível postá-los em outro servidor de downloads?

. disse...


Alvaro disse...

Obrigado por repostar os links! A parceria Nilsson-Rysanek sempre é indispensável em qualquer discografia!

Anônimo disse...

Excuse my English, as I do not know your language. You had another Tannhauser with Nilsson on the site a few weeks ago, but I was never able to download the third part. It was the version where Nilsson sings both female leads. Did you take that down? I'm trying to get the third section.

By the way, I absolutely love your website. It's a vital part of my day!

. disse...


If you want to download the third part of this Tannhauser version:


Well! Whenever you receive a message error type busy or temporarily unavailable (ADrive Megauplod), clear all cookies from your browser, return to the download page and try again.

If that fails or is not this the problem, post another coment, please.

My English is bad too, but if you know Spanish is easier to understand.