domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Manolis Kalomiris - O Protomastoras (The Masterbuilder)


Smaragda - Galina Pisarenko
Protomastoras - Alexei Martinov
Singer - Natalia Pustovaya
Master - Nicolai Reshetniak
Old Man - Boris Beshko
Mother - Raisa Kotova

The State Orchestra of the USSR Cinematography
The Great Academic Chorus of th USSR State Radio & Television
Emil Katchaturian, 1990

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di(aphanous disse...

Thank you so much!

As you know, I've been waiting for this one to appear!

@ Diomedes (and/or anyone interested): You can find the original libretto -- yet in poetic but absolutely spoken Modern Greek -- at this address...

Note that, in order to read it, you may need to install the required Greek fonts. Visit...

Anônimo disse...

link 2 is not valid

. disse...

Not valid, ok! So let's wait for someone to politely ask the owner of the blog up the file again. PLEASE, for example, is a magic word...