segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Janácek, Leos - Z mrtvého domu (From the House of the Dead)


Filka Morozov - Beno Blachut
Skuratov - Ivo Zidek
Shishkov - Mremysl Koci
Goryanchikov - Václav Bednár
Commandant - Jaroslav Horácek
Alyeya - Helena Tattermuschova
Chekunov - Josef Heriban

Prague National Theatre Chorus and Orchestra
Bohumil Gregor, 1966

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5 comentários:

robin disse...

A Little help, please.
Trach 13 on CD1 will not open.

But many thanks for these Janacek recordings.

Bob from Georgia USA

robin disse...

Friends at STOM,
When I bought RAR Archiver softwear it has a repair aspect in it.
I applied that to the CD1 RAR Archive and it repaired track 13 perfectly. Voila, I'm glad stuff that we buy will do what it advertized that it would/could do.
Others may not have RAR Archive software, so you may still have to repair the track 13.

Bob from Georgia, USA

Alê disse...

1 - In 90% of cases the problems are caused during download, not during the upload. That's the case!
2 - After the upload always we do a download to check integrity file.
3 - Nonetheless, I downloaded the CD1 again and found no error.
4 - As assiduous frequenter of the blog you've certainly read the NOTICE
at left side (blue letters) about CRC errors... Or not?!
5 - At least, you tried to do a new download or what is written there?

Thank you

robin disse...

Thanks. And my apologies. I no doubt read the blue notice some time ago when I first came to STOM. Beinf well over a year ago, my memory escaped me. But I did send you a note that havinf the RAR software, I downloaded again and immediately put it in the repair mode. It works fine now. On my first download, track 13 was omitted altogether.
Just trying to be helpful. Sorry.

Bob from Georgia, USA

If my assiduousness becomes a nuisamce, just say so, and I "chud up!"

Alê disse...

1- I downloaded the CD1, open normally and listen to the track 13 in winamp, without resorting to the Winrar tool repair . So, if there was any mistake may have occurred during (YOUR) download, not during (MY) upload.

2- I remembered the NOTICE at side because you pointed error on a single track, and this is usually caused by a CRC error during the download,

3- Nothing wrong in relation to assiduity. In contrast, this only gives us a big pleasure.