quarta-feira, 9 de junho de 2010

Ginastera, Alberto - Bomarzo


Salvador Novoa
Richard Torigi
Michael Devlin
Robert Gregori
Brent Ellis
Joaquin Romaguera
Isabel Penagos
Joanna Simon
Claramae Turner
Nico Castel
David Prather
Patricio Porras
Andres Aranda
Manuel Folgar

The Opera Society of Washington
Julius Rudel, 1967

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11 comentários:

Charlie B. disse...

(1) Your blog is fantastic. The very best. I have had more enjoyment, excitement, delight, discovery, enlightenment than I can ever say. Thank you for a wonderful tribute to great music and great values.

(2) I don't know if you are aware, but there has recently been a major change to 4shared.com (for free, rather than premium users). It used to be that there was a 30 second delay before downloading --- no problem. Then it became 40 secs -- still no problem. Now, after you have downloaded one or two files it goes to 90 seconds, or 150 seconds, or 300 seconds, or 350 seconds, 400 seconds, 500 seconds. THEN when that long time is finally over and you click to download, it does not do so. It just starts counting down hundreds of seconds again. In other words, it is impossible to download anything. I have not been able to download any of your recent postings. I wonder if you are able to post additionally elsewhere, perhaps mediafile. If it is not possible, yours will still be the very best classical blog!

robin disse...

I fully agree with everything Charlie said.
I also agree with his characterization of 4Shared. I'll add:
Your blog attracts so many people who need to use free download that 4Shared is frustrated.
Perhaps you do not know about Fox News Channel in the USA? When Glen Beck reccommends a book on his show out of New York (5PM EST daily, with well over 3 million viewers) that book skyrockets to #1 at Amazon and it takes weeks to get the book.
Your popularity has done the same thing to 4Shared.
More power to you! But they are trying to diminish your work with thier antics. Charlie is right!

Bob from Georgia USA

hugo z disse...

os links se repetem se cesar e nunca da certo con o arquivo, volve-se novamente ao inicio da conta.
Pena porque estimaria ter essa maravilhosa musica da qual tenho uma versâo muito deficente.
Muito obrigado e a espera que o link de repente funcione
saldos cordiales
hugo z

. disse...

4shared is in trouble today, but I think this is a temporary problem. My upstream is super slow, but I'm trying upload a copy of the files to Rapidshare. Please be patient.

O 4share está com problemas já faz algumas horas, mas isso evidentemente é temporário. Estou subindo uma cópia do arquivo para o Rapidshare, mas minha velocidade de upstream está muito lenta. No mais, um pouco de paciência faz bem para o corpo e para o espírito.


robin disse...

All thanks to you --
I have a Rapidshare premium Acct. and it worked like a charm.
Again, thamks
Bob from Georgia USA

Charlie B. disse...

Thanks you very much indeed for taking the trouble to make the most recent post downloads available at rapidshare, which works consistently and fairly for free users. Again, please accept my thanks for the most fantastic blog -- I have been visiting now for many months and I am amazed by what you have found and made available. I have learned so much - about completely new things, and new insights into works and singers that I thought I knew well. This is a great service to classical music, to people who already love it, and people who want to find out about it.

losli disse...

Thanks, for this Ginastera's opera, do you have some recording of the last opera of this composer: "Beatrix Cenci"?. Thanks.

Alê disse...

The 4Shared response ...

"Hello Alexandra,

Unfortunately, there are some technical problems. We are doing our best to fix it asap.
Try to reach files a bit later. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you.

Best regards,
support@4shared.com "

Charlie B. disse...

That's good to know!

Alê disse...

"...do you have some recording of the last opera of this composer: "Beatrix Cenci"?"

No, and I dont know recordings of this job

robin disse...

Thank you Ale; it appears I was too hasty to draw a conclusion against 4Shared. I was wrong, and I apolgize. As the younger generation here say: "My bad."

Bob from Georgia, USA