sábado, 27 de março de 2010

Verdi, Giuseppe - Falstaff


Walter Berry (Falstaff)
Giorgio Zancanaro (Ford)
Francisco Araiza (Fenton)
Heinz Zednik (Dr. Cajus)
Wilfried Gahmlich (Bardolfo)
Rudolf Mazzola (Pistola)
Pilar Lorengar (Mrs. Alice)
Patricia Wise (Nannetta)
Christa Ludwig (Mrs. Quickly)
Alexandrina Miltschewa (Mrs. Meg Page)

Chor und Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper
Lorin Maazel,

I ..... II ..... III ...... Libretto

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Alejandro disse...

Thanks for this site. Is possible if you have a operetta of Shostakovich called "Moskva, Cheremushki"? The only complete recording of this work was done by Gennady Rozhdestvensky for the label Chandos in 1998, if you have the CDs, can you upload with the scanned libretto? Thank you very much. This is the recording on Amazon page:


. disse...

We have the Operetta, but we have not the libretto. Thanks

Alejandro disse...

Thank you very much, but the libretto comes in the booklet of the cd. When you upload the operetta to the blog?

. disse...

Well! Since you insist about the libretto, let's wait a little longer to see if we find the booklet. Thanks

Alejandro disse...

Well, I´ll expecting when you upload the operetta to thee blog. Thanks again.