quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010

Handel, George Frideric - Teseo


Egeo - Derek Lee Ragin
Medea - Della Jones
Teseo - Eirian James
Agilea - Julia Gooding
Arcane - Catherine Napoli

Les Musiciens du Louvre
Marc Minkowski, 1992

1a - - - 1b - - - 2a - - - 2b

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blondbearnl disse...

where is part 2b, i tried to download it dozens and dozens of times, but it is not ready to be downloaded:

thanks for all your great posts and all the work that toy have put into it, very much appreciated!

sorry, i first posted this message in the la resurrezone post, i meant of course this post!

Herman disse...

After more than 200 downloads the link cd2b inexplicably stopped working. We are re-upload the file and everything will be fine in few minutes. Thanxs

blondbearnl disse...

thanks for re-posting this part, now it is complete. i will be seeing marc minkowski at the concertgebouw in amsterdam on may 30, where he will be performing the complete brandenburg concertos