domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Flotow, Friedrich von - Martha (excerpts, sung in german)


Lady Harriet Durham - Anneliese Rothnberger
Nancy - Hetty Plümacher
Lord Tristan Mickleford - Georg Wölker
Lyonel - Fritz Wunderlich
Plumkett - Gottlob Frick
Richter von Richmond - Robert Koffmane

Chor des Deutschen Oper Berlin
Berliner Symphoniker
Berislav Klobucar, 1960


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Anônimo disse...

This is absolutely superb ! The singers and the orchestra are in brilliant form and it is a shame that it is only 'highlights' and not the complete opera. If it was complete, it would be by far the best 'Martha' available. Even so, it is well worth having and thank you very much STOM.
Geoff from Lincolnshire.

. disse...

I agree. Wunderlich is the best!