quarta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2010

Meyerbeer, Giacomo - Les Huguenots


Raoul - Richard Leech
Nevers - Gilles Cachemaille
Marcel - Nicolai Ghiuselev
Saint-Bris - Boris Martinovich
Valentine - Françoise Pollet
Marguerite - Ghislaine Raphanel
Urbain - Danielle Borst

Orchestre Philharmonique de Montpellier
Chor de L'Opéra de Montpellier
Cyril Diederich, 1988

Gli Ugonotti

1 - - - - - 2 - - - - - 3 - - - - - 4

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robin disse...

Hello STOM;
I've run into a curious problem.
Links 1 & 2 for some reason download as much as 91% of the link and they stall. Finally a window opens saying ERROR, cannot finish something is missing; contact the server.
I've been able to get links 3 & 4. Waited over night to try 1 & 2 again. But No LUCK.
Do you have any suggestions?
Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

Well! At this time (08.26 03:PM) I download 1 & 2 without problems.
But I think some people may be experiencing problems depending the server/country.
I said that because while files 1 e 2 have been downloaded 170/167 times, 3 and 4 was downloaded only 110/97!
I belive the system compute the attempts too.
I dont know such service that is really good since Rapidshare delete more than 100 of our files...
Please, confirm that succeeded or not. If not I'll upload the 4 files to 4Shared. Thanks

robin disse...

I have tried both 1 and 2 three times more today, August 26, and both attempts failed.
Here is the message that came back to me each time.
\STOM-MeyHuguenotsFrench2.rar.Part1 could not be saved because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

Any help you can give will be greatly and gratefully appreciated.
I always liked Richard Leech because of his high note ability. Of course the shortness of his career is a testimony that his technique was probably somehow faulty. Any way I look forward to hearing this recording. He was still quite good in 1988 I hope.

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

So... here we go!

Fred disse...

Thank you very much for this recording!! One thing though, it would seem that one track is missing from CD3, there are supposed to be 12 tracks on that CD and there are only 11 in the zip file. Thanks!

robin disse...

Hola amigos;

And thanks a million.

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...


What is the aria or part of this opera that you think have been lost?

Fred disse...

Hello, it is the very last part of Act III; the titele of the track is something like:

Récitatif et cortège de noce: Au banquet où le ciel leur apprête


. disse...

Well! Then go back to where you took this information and note that the track 11 is only 3:39's duration, ie the first 3:39/3:40 of the track's 11- match the Scène Arrêtez, Respectez La Reine De Navarre and the rest of track 11, with 5:47's duration (Bingo!), is exactly the Acte III: Notre Dame - Recitatif et cortege de noce ...

In conclusion, there is nothing lost or wrong for those people who really know's this opera.
Thank you!

Berci disse...

The file link that you requested is not valid.

This is the message when I try to download


The other three files are fine.

. disse...

OK. So, please what?

Anônimo disse...

Dear Moderator
I could not download the French2 files too, The file link that you requested is NOT VALID.

Please help. Thanks.

Berci disse...

Would you be kind enough to reload the second file?

One week later it still showed the same message, namely that the link was not valid.

Thanks and a Happy New Year!