sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Flotow, Friedrich von - Martha (sung in english)


Lady Harriet Durham (Martha) - Victoria de los Angeles
Nancy - Rosalind Elias
Lyonel - Richard Tucker
Plumkett - Giorgio Tozzi
Lord Tristan Mackleford - Lorenzo Alvary
Sheriff of Richmond - Gerhard Pechner

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Nino Verchi, 1961

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robin disse...

Hola STOM;
I'm sorry to be such a pest. But MegaUpload is a pain.

This announcement below is after my third try, and I couldn't get the whole link downloaded.
Ironically, I did get the 2nd link down loaded fine. Go figure.

"C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\STOM-FlotMartVerchi1.rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator."

I put the quotation marks there to set it off from my writing.
Y no comprendo; el es misterioso.
Bob from Georgia USA

Anônimo disse...


I had already owned the Rothenberger/Gedda version and I've been looking for this one. Unfortunately, I've had consistent problems with Megaupload. Is there any way you could put it on a different site?

Thank you thank you thank you for this rare recording.

. disse...

Sorry, but I can't change the links all the time why some people have problems.
Today the problem is in Megaupload, tomorrow will be on Rapidshare and so on.
Once again I downloaded these file and did not find any problem, any error.
Rapishare, 4shared, Adrive they all have problems
Try discard all cookies from your browser;
If not work, try downloading from another browser or especifc program for downloads.
If you use Firefox try with IExplorer.

robin disse...

Dear STOM,
Admitedly, I do not know all there is to know about the various PTF's or what ever you call them, but I've ner had a problem downloading RS (but they are thieves)or ADrive. 4Shared are lunatics raing the waiting time as much as nearly 4000 seconds to download a link.They also are jerks.File Factory is so slow you might wait a millennium to get youre link.

I have access to both Internet Explorer and Firefox; I just tried IE and it got 1% done and said more than 16 hours remained, and just sat there and spinned. At least FF got 70 some percent down before it gave up.

What is the solution? I do not know.
We are not trying to give you grief; I love your blog, but you guys are the experts, not us peons on the receiving end.

I presume you are able to download anything you upload because you are a huge customer on a premium upload. I have two premium accounts with different PTF's (not sure of the acronym).
What am I trying to say? I like STOM very much,
Thank you for all your care and labor!!!

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

"I presume you are able to download anything you upload because you are a huge customer on a premium upload."

No. We have only one premium account, but in Rapidshare. In Megaupload we have two free accounts.

This one: "C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\STOM-FlotMartVerchi1.rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. ... indicates some incompatibility

When the system ask "save as.." change the original name (STOM-.....), put something like "save as... Martha01.rar"

Try another place to save the problematic files, like in d:\ e:\ where d and e are a pendrive or flashdrive

thania disse...

Hello, I am so interested to hear this, but seem to have lots of problem with CD1 (ie. link 1)?!!

I have down loaded tons from this site and never this happened before. I used JDownloader through the day, now I am trying to download manualy and no way!! Tried, saving as with diff name too,and also used an external directory as suggested. Something is not OK!!

Thanks for the site.

Un saludo xx

robin disse...

Hola STOM;
Itried this 1961 MET recording every you mentioned and more. It never did work.

BUT - GOOD NEWS! I downloaded both links of the 1955 Munich recording without a problem.

So, thank you very much.

Bob from Georgia USA

Andrius disse...

Although this recording wasn't needful for me, I tried to download both parts - and everything was OK, both downloading and extracting. People, don't panic, the links are good, but sometimes there are problems with our internet connections. Try to download from other computer.

Anônimo disse...

Hola al descargar el CD1 es en alemán por Heger en lugar de en ingles por Verchi. Estará completo el CD2 que es en ingles por Victoria de los Angeles?
Gracias! Hermosa musica

Anônimo disse...

Perdon por mi comentario anterior. Creo que yo me equivoque al descargar. Saludos!