quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

Francisco Alonso - La linda tapada


Dolores Cava (Laura)
Rosita Montesinos (Inés)
Manuel Ausensi (Don Iñigo)
Pedro Lavirgen (Ambrosio)
Yolanda Otero (Teodora)
Gregorio Gil (Triguillos)
Rafael Campos (Jerónimo)
López de la Manzaneda (Corregidor)

Coro Cantores de Madrid
Gran Orquesta Sinfónica
Benito Lauret , 1960


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gpdlt2010 disse...


Anônimo disse...

Hello and thank you for your continued music. There is a problem with file track 21.ape About 1'40'' into the cut there appears to be a bad spot that several pgms are not able to process. The bad spot lasts for several seconds (some programs allow me to get beyond it), but I cannot convert this into an mp3.
Please see what you can do.
Thanks again

Herman disse...

No way!
First of, this blog not post APE format files, only MP3.
Second that, this zarzuela CD only has 11 tracks and could not be errors at 21a track.
Review your comment and come back