sábado, 11 de outubro de 2008

Puccini, Giacomo - La Bohème


Mirella Freni
Luciano Pavarotti
Hans-Dieter Appelt
Nicolai Ghiaurov
Elizabeth Harwood
Gianni Maffeo
Rolando Panerai
Gernot Pietsch
Hans-Dietrich Pohl
Michel Senechal

Ensembles and Conductors:
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Conducted by: Herbert von Karajan)
German Opera Chorus, Berlin (Conducted by: Walter Hagen-Groll)
Schoneberg Boys Choir (Conducted by: Herbert von Karajan)

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3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

This is not a good transcription.

There is a lot of over modulation, and the edits are in horrendous places.

Far better a continuous track at a lower volume for each CD

Anônimo disse...

This transcription is poor.

It is over modulated.

The edit points - even if they follow the original CD are horrendous.

Better to have a continuous track at a lover volume.

Perhaps this has been 'up-graded' to 192Kbs, but a wave conversion shows too much attenuation.

Sorry! because this is a great session

Shango disse...

Ah... Freni:D Love her voice and her acting is so incredibly cute.

Thanks, pal!