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Treasury of Great Operettas

I - NO, NO, NANETTE (Tea for Two)
music by Vincent Youmans
Lyrics by Irving Caesar and Otto Harbach

Nanette-Jeannette Scovotti
Billy Early-William Lewis
Tom Trainor-John Hauxvell
Jimmy Smith-Bryan Johnson

1. Overture
2. I've Confessed to the Breeze I Love You
3. I Want To Be Happy
4. No No Nanette
5. Tea For Two
6. Take A Little One Step
7. You Can Dance With Any Girl At All

music by Johann Strauss, Jr.
English Lyrics by Norman Sachs and Mel Mandel

Saffi-Jeannette Scovotti
Czipra-Rosalind Elias

Barinkay-William Lewis
Zsupan-John Hauxvell
Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Lehman Engel.
(Readers Digest Treasury of Great Operettas)


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