domingo, 5 de outubro de 2008

Wagner, Richard - Tristan und Isolde (1937)


Kirsten Flagstad, Isolde
Lauritz Melchior, Tristan
Paul Schoeffler, Kurwenal
Kerstin Thoborg, Brangäne
Sven Nilsson, King Marke
Booth Hitchin, Melot
Octave Dua, Shepherd
Leslie Horsman, Steersman
Parry Jones, Sailor

Chorus of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden,
London Philharmonic Orchestra,
conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham
Recorded 18-22 June 1937

Download: ...... LP1 ..... LP2 ..... LP3

2 comentários:

robin disse...

Hello STOM:
Imagine me being way back here on a 1937 Tristan.
Oh well, my purpose in writing is that Megaupload says LP 1 is temporarily not available.

I went ahead and downloaded 2 & 3, but surely would like to have LP1.

Any advice for me? Be careful; that's not a target on my T-shirt to take a shot at me. I'm just joking.

Thanks a million once again.

Bob from Georgia USA

. disse...

Well! I would tell you not discourage and tryto download the LP1 every day, at least until Christmas!
After all, "temporary unavailable" is just temporary not available....